Our Goal

There are over 12,000 veterinary students in the US and thousands more across the globe.  The Vet School Unleashed podcast aims at uniting this community of passionate and likeminded students, as well as prospective veterinary students, by providing a candid and collaborative commentary on topics, issues, and insight on life in veterinary school.  Each episode features a special guest who will lend their stories, expertise, and wisdom on the topic at hand.

Meet Seth

The Vet School Unleashed podcast is created and hosted by Seth Williams.  Seth is a fourth year veterinary student at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine with the goal of becoming a small animal practitioner.

His path to a career in veterinary medicine was somewhat unorthodox.  He began his undergraduate career as both a music and biology major with the hopes of going to medical school.  But after several twists and turns in honing his passions and interests, he received a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Miami where he studied music business and entertainment industries, marketing, and business administration.

After a successful four-year career in event production, Seth made a realization that his long-term professional goals could all be fulfilled in a single career: veterinary medicine.  For him, veterinary medicine provides the framework to simultaneously practice medicine, work with the animals we love, build personal relationships, and make a lasting impact on his community.  He especially hopes to uphold and strengthen the human-animal bond.


Before moving to Columbia, Missouri, Seth married the love of his life, Becca, in August 2014.  Becca is a social worker with the Columbia Public Schools and at an outpatient eating disorder treatment center, and also provides therapy and support for adolescent girls.  Becca and Seth welcomed home their first child, Henry, in 2018.  Henry has two four-legged "older brothers," Cane (golden retriever) and Chase (cockapoo).

By the way...

The views and opinions expressed on Vet School Unleashed are those of the creator and special guests and do not reflect the views or opinions of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine or any other unaffiliated organization.