An interesting comparison of veterinary school and medical school where get down to what makes our programs similar, different, and what we can learn from each.  Join us as we discuss curriculum, personal wellness, the path to our first job, and study methods.

EP 08: Imposter Syndrome, Networking, Words of Wisdom, & More featuring Dr. Cody Creelman, Cow Vet

Join us for a very thought-provoking, motivating, and inspiring conversation as we sit down with vlogging sensation, Dr. Cody Creelman, Cow Vet.  Cody and Seth dive deep into the stresses and challenges of vet school and how we can keep our heads high and eyes on the prize.  Cody shares his experiences and lessons learned through his veterinary school career and gives us his recommendations on how to be an even greater veterinary student and veterinarian.

Ep 19: Hot Topics In Vet Med featuring Dr. Dani McVety

Any day is a great day when you get to have a conversation or hear from Dr. Dani McVety.  Dr. Dani is one of the most influential veterinarians in the profession today.  Join Seth and Dr. Dani as they do a rapid-fire run down of some of the hottest topics concerning veterinary students like overcoming imposter syndrome, tips on getting hired after you graduate, avoiding and confronting burnout, being a forward-thinking entrepreneur, and much more!

The Vet School Unleashed podcast aims at uniting this community of passionate and likeminded students, as well as prospective veterinary students, with a collaborative commentary where we provide a candid and collaborative commentary on topics, issues, and insight on life in veterinary school.  Each episode features a special guest who will lend their stories, expertise, and wisdom on the topic at hand.