06: Getting into Vet School – The Interview featuring Dr. Linda Berent

Attention all prospective veterinary students!  As we enter the vet school interview season, we understand the incredible stress and questions you may have.  Our hope with this episode is that we'll address some of these questions and provide you some new knowledge and tools to use throughout the application process to help make you a stronger applicant and better prepare you for your interview(s).

Our special guest for this episode is Dr. Linda Berent.  Dr. Berent received her DVM and PHD degrees from the University of Illinois and is a board certified veterinary pathologist.  Currently, Dr. Berent is the Dean of Academic Affairs and a clinical instructor at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Berent plays an integral role in Mizzou’s interview process by overseeing the interview process.

3 thoughts on “06: Getting into Vet School – The Interview featuring Dr. Linda Berent”

  1. Thank you for providing this informative episode! I am a current vet school applicant with a couple interviews coming up, and this was very helpful.

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