09: The Current Education Climate – What’s Working & What’s Not featuring UT Vet Student, Matt Asciutto

Check out this convo with my friend, Matt Asciutto, a vet student at University of Tennessee. In addition to being a vet student, Matt is a very talented educator. In this episode we talked about the current state of how we're taught in vet school: what's working and what's not. I hope this gets you thinking about how you learn and what we can do make our vet school experience even better!

Matt Asciutto is a fourth year veterinary student at the University of Tennessee. His passion for education began with teaching improvisational comedy to high school students. Since then, Matt has taught everything from the jitterbug swing to physical chemistry. He has maintained sanity throughout his veterinary school career by spending his evenings tutoring and teaching MCAT test preparation classes for Kaplan. Matt has a B.S. in Neuropsychology from University of California at San Diego and a M.S. in Chemistry from DePaul University.

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