12: Practice Ownership 101 featuring Dr. Jessica Trichel

Wondering what it takes to become a veterinary practice owner?  Wondering what is involved with owning a practice?  Wondering if it's even possible with your amount of student debt?  In this episode Dr. Jessica Trichel and Seth go from A to Z about the in's and out's of practice ownership.  Here is a great conversation to learn about what ownership entails and what you can expect.


Dr. Jessica Trichel combines her veterinary training with a passion for business education to lead Live Oak Bank’s educational outreach program. She aims to educate students and industry professionals about the realities of financing and business ownership. She is equipped with a wealth of information from Live Oak Bank’s industry-specific loan portfolios and team member expertise. Dr. Trichel presents nationwide on a variety of topics related to small business ownership, with the goal of empowering the next generation on how to live out the American dream of owning their own businesses.

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