50: Erasing the Stigma featuring Jeannine Moga, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Veterinary medicine, whether in school or in practice, is tough.  After some time, all of us will become both physically and mentally exhausted.  It's important we all invest in our wellbeing starting on day one of veterinary school.  In this episode, Seth welcomes mental health professional, Jeannine Moga, to the podcast to talk about this incredibly important topic and how we can better take care of our mental and physical wellness during the marathon of veterinary school and beyond.

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Jeannine is a mental health clinician, educator, and program consultant practicing at the intersection of human and animal issues to support animal people, create sound organizational/social policies, and develop evidence-based animal-assisted programs. She has served as the Founding Director of both Veterinary Social Services at the University of Minnesota’s Veterinary Medical Center (2004-2012) and, more recently, Family & Community Services at North Carolina State University’s Veterinary Hospital (2012-present). Jeannine provides consultation and training to social services, veterinary medical, and animal welfare professionals across the country. Her focal interests include traumatic grief, medical futility, and occupational risk and resilience in animal care professions.

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