53: Nutrition Know-How featuring Veterinary Student, Stepfanie George

In this episode Seth sits down with veterinary student, Stepfanie George, to talk about her passion in veterinary nutrition and what she's done while in vet school to make a difference for pet owners as they face difficult questions and decisions regarding their pet's nutrition.

Be sure to check out Stepfanie's website, Feeding Raven Doodles, at www.feedingravendoodles.com.  She has tons of great information not only for pet owners, but also veterinary professionals and students!

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Youtube: Feeding Raven Doodles
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*Stepfanie is not (yet) a veterinarian or credentialed veterinary nutrition expert.  Stepfanie is not providing medical or clinical nutrition advice on this podcast or her media channels.  Her goal is to spread information put forth by veterinary nutrition experts to help procure accurate, fact-based information on the topic of animal nutrition.*

Stepfanie George is a pet parent and veterinary student who loves animal nutrition.

​In college, Stepfanie took two nutrition courses and subsequently fell in love with the subject. In veterinary school, she helped a few colleagues create a new veterinary nutrition club, and currently holds the secretary position in the club. She is a member of the AAVN and frequently has contact with board-certified veterinary nutritionists and other experts in the industry.

Stepfanie’s goal is to help educate pet parents by providing them with credible, science-based sources of information about nutrition. She uses her precious free time to compile resources, formulate articles, and record videos for the Feeding Raven Doodles collection. She would love for Feeding Raven Doodles to one day become pet owners’ one-stop spot for everything they need to know about companion animal nutrition.

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